Friday, August 24, 2007

Local talent.
My friend Madison, who I have known since undergrad, has a talent for decoration. At a time when we were all pinning posters on our apartment walls and luxuriating with matresses thrown on the ground, Madison's apartment was a showcase. The most amazing thing was, and still is, that she is able to accomplish these complete tranformations for about what we were spending on the posters and mexican blankets.

Madison lives in italia now. But this has not stopped her talent for interior design. She has completely redone the house in which she lives now, with her husband Chris, and the results are stunning.

Ok, this is her kitchen. She did not merely renovate it, she created it from scratch. She even built the walls that define the kitchen space. The tiles, appliacnes and counter tops are all her creation.

I really like this kitchen. The busy blue interest of the mosiac tiles compliments the industrial feel of appliances. The stainless steel looks almost commercial, but certainly utilitarian.

Here is another look...

I also love what she has done with the bathroom, again, choosing flooring, appliances and finishes.

Oh course, when you have a view like she does, it pays to invest in your home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Very exciting style in the kitchen. We are somewhat more limited, however, in what is available for our Costa Rican homes.

5:55 PM  

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