Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Guillermo re the wood:

"I am thinking the bottom (#1) color for the flooring which is as well Teak.
As a side note, all the Wood for the entire sheathing of the house is prepared, cut and predrilled, it is now in the process of finishing, and sealing. The beams are fabricated and will be shipped to site in the next couple of weeks.
Alex will be sending you the report today, i know he is doing an inspection on the woodwork today."
How amazing is that? This whole thing is going to be done in 6 months.  There is a house right next to me in SF which is not much bigger and certainly not in the jungle, which has been under process for over a year.  
DatumZero has been amazing so far.  

And I have teak floors.


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