Thursday, September 04, 2008

Breaking. Ground.

Savor those words.

They are two of my favorites:

From Guillermo
"The contractors were finalizing some docs. on the Nicoya municipality as well, we are breaking ground
this week. I am almost 100% that tomorrow it will be taking place."

Also, let me again on line extend my gratitude to DatumZero for their support. Guillermo has been instrumental, in getting all my foreign tax and real estate documents together for my maddening loan applicaiton. Let me put this more bluntly---He saved my ass. No way I could have done that. The man went to the municipality and paid my taxes for me. Lets look at that again- piad my taxes for me. This, I cannot do from Palo Alto.

Also, a big shout out to James Johnson at Costa Rica Mortgage. After months of a maddening loan application process, James just picked up the phone and walked me through everything. He gave me recommendations and tips, streamlined the process. He was great. I think I will get the loan soon, largely thanks to his handling.


Anonymous Ash said...

Congrats! Any estimate (and I do realize we're talking CR time here) on time 'til completion?

7:37 AM  
Blogger warnerk said...

They said it would be done before the sun collapses. So, at least within 4 billion years. But that could be a glitch in my spanish.

12:56 AM  

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