Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello old blog.

Time to fire you up again as the K House is being built.

So much to cover, but the short of it is that I inked a contract with a contractor, and broke ground two weeks ago.

The project is funded in phases, each one paid 40% at the beginning, the other 60 at the end. There is also a hold back of 8% for completion of the entire house. Guillermo and the boys at DatumZero were great in negotiating that K on my behalf. ("K" is lawyer for Contract. Don't ask why. I do not know).

There were some sexy last minute additions. Another foot on the gallery, in width, a plunge pool/hot tub, and an underground security locker. Total increase in cost = 9k. Not a bad days negotiation if I do say so myself.

So here are some pictures, because everyone loves pictures.

 So there it is.  The sad and devastating truth.  The cabina, that labor of love that Paul, Mike, Rebecca, Scott, Dad, and Lynn all poured themselves into, leveling floors, making concrete footers, applying pesticide by squeeze bottle and hand, carrying lumber, patching bang boxes from power lines...its destroyed. 

From the architect:
The cabina had been vandalized and destroy, there was no roof when on it and a lot of the wood pieces were missing. "
Someone catabolized the house.  I am livid and hurt and feel cheated.  I hate theives.  Perhaps more than anything.  Perhaps more than Cathrine Zeta Jones or Mac and Cheese.  

A moment of silence. 



Still morning, but Ill go on.  The Cabina would have wanted it that way. 

Yeah, nothing groundbreaking.  Get it?  Actually this is not the sexiest part of the project for me.  But, we are of course laying the foundation of KHouse.  You can see that the work crew has adopted the remainder of the cabina. 

Phase two payments to be made tomorrow. 


Anonymous Sandra said...

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to let you know how excited we all are that K house is finally under way. Sorry about the cabina..
Hope to catch up with you on a site visit before project is completed!

Sandra Cardona, Datumzero

1:53 PM  

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