Monday, March 31, 2008

Back in Nosara. I had my camera stolen, so yesterday´s workday was spent trying to find the theif. Today, I have a late start, but I am going up right now to add the bodega door. I hope to also seal the house today, as tomorrow is the only day left o work on the house. Everything is harder when you are building on a hillside. And alone. I think I could really bang this out fast, but hanging a door alone is a chore. I have done it once, successfully, so I will venture into this with likely foolish optimism.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What does the project look like?, well, here is a gallery of images.

I mean, wow, we built that. Created it. Paul, Scott, Rebecca, Mike, Dad, Lynn, Canadians. We made a home in the jungle. A no shit home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am a bad blogger. bad. Bad.

The last couple days working with scott were a blur. The bosc saw burned out and I ahd to send it to san jose for repairs. I found another saw in the solo bueno and borrowed it. The candians had stopped work until the saw was found, so we were at monday before they were ready to do more work , giving me ulcers.

Scott and I used sunday to do the least sexy, but most useful tasks. We sprayed Xilochromo, a nasty incecticide, on the bottom of the house, and cura wood, a less nasty pesticide, all over the house. Scott sprayed the whole thing, while I was under the house. Neother of us can expect to have normal healthy childeren. Actually, scott had the good idea of masks, so we should be fine, but my hands may never be pink again as they are stained with yellow.

After the bug killer, we teak sealed the whole place. No, just the floors that day. Still, we worked until dark, got a lot accomplished, but not much built.

The next day, the canadians atatcked the roof at t feverish pace. Scott joined them about 30 feet off the ground as they slammed teak into place. I got metal roofind, 28 guage, and used the sruf rack to get it up the hill. It cut the crap out of my finger when scott and I took it off the roof. It also was about 300 degrees from the sun.

Daniel gave us ¨roofing¨screws, which turned out to be normal screws without gaskets, so the Candiens used nails which cna be replaced later, or seasled with silicon, later. The roof flew up. It needed 12 and 6 foot pieces and we used clear to cover the shower and avoid having a ton of leaves in the shower every morning. The nails stuck through the roof of the house where it hit teak, but ont a joist. There is a 6 inch overhang that was not in paul´s plans, but it should save the walls a bit from all the rain.

Ask the Canadiens finsihed, Scott adn I sealed the thing. Hanging from roofs and windows and stacking wood on ladders...we got it done and it looked warm and natural and great.

I am going to ask scott to post no this blog. He can tell you in his own words what he thought. Until then, I want you all to know that I decided I needed a vacation from my vacation and headed north into nicaragua, which is where I am posting now, learning spanish, in Granada, the 15 century colonial city at the shore of lake nicaragua and Near Omotepe. We watched the Omotepe Rivas Championship game yesterday at the baseball park in Rivas. It was...insane. There was a band, and a dirty danceoffs, and fat women with whistels and non stop music. We drank a lot of 70 cent beer, tona, and ate grilled chicken which put us back 1.50. The tickets were a dollar. The guards had ak 47s, not needed, but thats how they roll here. The locals thought we were so much fun, they let us into the Rivas Sports Hall of fame after the game. A dog stopped play when it wandered onto the field, we saw three runs score on three consecutive wild pitches, there was non stop dnacing, and we tried to start a wave. We ended up entertaining a lot of people´s childeren, and we bought lottery tickets for a bottle of rum that was being given away for what we had to assume was charity. I smoked cuban cigars during the 8th inning to say that I did it. It was baseball as baseball should be.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The cavalry has arrived.

Scott got down here yesterday. We put in a marathon shopping session at the Do It Center in Liberia, buying a sink, a toilet, a ceiling fan, brakcets, dead bolts, brooms, and all the little things that go into the house. The total came to 1000. I nearly fainted then relaized that the fan we bought had been mismarked. instead of being 40 dollars, it was 400. 600 is still not cheap, but its better. My credit card sighed.

We made it to Nosara for a late day session. It was big out, probably 7 feet and really closing out. We watched the sun set from the water. Scott made it as far as dinner adn one flor de cana, then it was all we could do to get him back to the BUeno to retire.

I ran intot he candiens who tell me that the saw has burned out. I need to replace it. Scott and I are gonig up the mountain now to see what can be done in the 5 days we have here. He is a good man to have, decisive and, so far, full of optimism. We will see what Costa does to that. until then, it was enormous out this morning, probably double overhead on some sets. We boht got stoked, crushed, and tired.
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