Monday, December 03, 2007

Its frustrating. In my life, I have generally been in a position to affect outcomes. I feel so emotionally tied into this building project, and now that we have hit a snag, I feel fairly powerless to affect things.

From my end it looks like this...we work as a team to design the building. I see it take form and shape and start to see myself in it. Then there is a large financial barrier, and now its like lobbing suggestions into a black box. Guillermo and his team can alter the plans. The contractor can change his bid. The structural engineer can vary structural systems. But I get to just sit and wait, and see what they all come up with. Until they do...I cannot do anything. Grrrr.

So I wait. At some point, I will get a number. Or maybe a set of options, or a talk with D0 about what I can opt to reduce and that which I need to have: materials, spaces, etc. And then I will get a number. Then its to me. I will then see if that number works, and what financing options are available. But until then...I wait.



Sunday, December 02, 2007

With thanks to Luis Diego Quiros, a costa rican archietect who I have written about before in this blog, there was an article published in Nacion that discusses the recent rise in raw material prices for construction in costa rica.

This is required reading for anyone building in CR.
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