Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have contacted Sam Baugh at Costa Rica Mortgage. I am trying to find financing in a fixed rate at about 25-30 years. Preferably the later. And preferably at around 8%.

I am told the closing costs will be about 4 percent of the loan, for processing, legal work, and other things I have forgotten.

This should give me a monthly payment of around 1600-1800 a month depending on terms.

On DatumZero's front, Guillermo met with the builders last week to talk about schedules. I will let you know where we are when I hear back.

I asked Guillermo to make a "wish list' that prioritizes the incremental improvements that could be made to the house is budget allows. I want to know what has the greatest impact on the overall disposiiton should I decide that it is worth the price.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green light. GREEN LIGHT.

We are going for it. Plan B has a vision. Plan B has a amission> Plan B has a team, and now, Plan B has a green light.

We selected a contractor and will soon finalize start dates.

How excited am I?
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