Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is utterly and completely without tangent.

I got this in an email from my Father.

"So, I sent Annie a birthday greeting, but instead of wasting time on some frilly wishes, I offered her some advice. To be brief, it was to beware of the altogether too easy trap of sacrificing one's life and soul on the altar of a job. "Put yourself first," I said, etc."

Isn't that amazing. I mean, we all hear this message, but this is what my Dad wanted to give my sister for a Birthday gift: advice. You have no idea how lucky I am to have grown up around him.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Add ons. depending on left over budget, I asked Guillermo to compile a list of add ons that are cost effective and add value to the home that I can consider. Here is his response.

Let me know what you think....

ADD ONs i would consider:

1. A plunge pool. Approx. 8x10 in size. I think that a small pool with proper settings, lighting can be such a great added value, this for resale purposes or for pure enjoyment.

2. Upgrade in kitchen appliances, this is an item that can give you great return. Things such as a great refrigerator, ice maker, maybe a separate wine cooler...

3. Exterior lighting. We have provided the minimum for the entry area. BUT throwing 2k on exterior lighting and basic landscaping can be a great added value.

4. we can also intall some built in de-humidifiers. Given the level of humidity that the house can reach in some times of the year it can be a nice added value....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And so we begin.

Today I requested an invoice to pay for permits that will be pulled to break ground. I have yet to sign the contract, but I assume I will do that later this week.

Its moving forward. I have been pre approved for a construction loan at 8.7% for 30 years, fixed for 5. Thanks to Sam Baugh at Costa Rica Mortgage. I highly recommend him. He got me to at least 3 good lenders for pre-approval.

And Guillermo is working with the builder as we speak to start that process.

Some modifications were made to the final design to get the bids down. The gallery will be thinner and the floors concrete and not teak. If there is any money left over, then we are considering a plunge pool. I dont like them, myself, but buyers do, and frankly they are great for passive cooling. The water evaporates and fills the house with cooler air.

I dont know. I still like the hardwood floors.

Well, this is it.

If you have made it this far and are still following the blog, I thank you. Its been a journey.

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